Just be confident. Believe in yourself. Don't let society's dogmatic beliefs rule your life. YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR. You have the right to be here and speak your mind just as much as anyone else. You are a person with unique talents, beauty and a voice that are worth sharing. Allow yourself to live a life that feels fulfilling to you, even if that means you have to step out of your comfort zone more often. Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to change your course. WE ALL FAIL. That's how we learn.

roberto love & food

If you ever find yourself Hungry in Hasselt, I recommend you go check out this haven of real Food and Love! The staff is super sympathetic and the food tastes great ♥ It's only a five-minute walk from the train station!

a vegan guide to sofia, bulgaria

It's not always easy to plan your travels when you're vegan/ want to eat healthy while trippin'. So let me be your free virtual Sofia guide. I'll show you how I planned our trip and how I managed to eat healthy in an Eastern European city where meat, wheat and cheese make up the major part of the menu.

Wild Food Foraging

Did you know there are so many plants out there that you think of as weeds while in fact, they’re highly nutritious? Wild foods often contain vitamins and minerals in such high concentrations we don't usually get from store-bought fruit and veggies. Here's a shortlist of my top 5 favourite wild edible foods.