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Mijn missie is jou bij te staan op je weg naar een sterke gezondheid en meer energie met behulp van plantaardig voedingsadvies, suppletie, en positieve zelfontwikkelingstechnieken.

my new green workspace

my new green workspace

I am writing this post straight from my new green desk, made by the hand of my beautiful boyfriend!

Before today, I used to write to you from a dark corner in the house, surrounded by empty cardboard boxes that we tried to hide away from plain sight with a blanket.

Haha! You can imagine it wasn’t a very inspiring place to write from.

Enter my boyfriend. Last week he had a week off, and since he’s one of those people who can never (ever) sit still, he decided to build me a new desk. “I want you to be able to find peace at home, to feel earthed and connected even when you are sitting behind your computer.”

Well, he recognizes my needs even before I do — he’s such a sweet man.

So one morning he got up early and he went to visit one of his friends who has the most incredibly creative mindset (you can check out some of his work here) and together they started cutting and shaving the pinewood planks.

Working men, I find it very attractive. It sweeps my entire gender non-conformist ideas off the table.

Alright. I think I’m not going to put a lot more words into this post today, but let the images speak for themselves ;)

why is it so important to be ‘earthed and connected’ when you are sitting behind your computer?

Many of us live a lifestyle that is for a great deal disconnected from the earth: we live in apartments high above the ground, we spend our days sitting at a desk with a plastic coating, between walls covered in chemical-laden paint, we sleep on synthetic mattresses, we walk in synthetic shoes on synthetic floors, we buy food that has been cleaned from all dirt — often wrapped in more plastic — and so on.

If you live in the city, chances are high there are days (or even weeks!) you don’t touch anything that is natural.

Think about it yourself. How do you feel when you walk barefoot in the grass? And how do you feel when you walk on the street wearing synthetic shoes?

Ever since I realized that I, too, was disconnected from nature's energy, I started noticing how much better I was sleeping and how happier I started feeling the more time I made to connect with the Earth.

It is, in fact, scientifically proven that just like anything else in the Universe, the Earth, too has a unique energy. We humans are made to connect with that energy — or else we are left discharged and out of balance. So people, now that it’s Spring, go outside! Flip out those shoes and feel the Earth’s energy charge you up ♥

Want to read more about earthing? Check out for more information.
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sweet & moist pumpkin muffins

sweet & moist pumpkin muffins

golden turmeric porridge w/ blueberries and banana

golden turmeric porridge w/ blueberries and banana