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Mijn missie is jou bij te staan op je weg naar een sterke gezondheid en meer energie met behulp van plantaardig voedingsadvies, suppletie, en positieve zelfontwikkelingstechnieken.

my first blog post

my first blog post

So… this is it: my very first blog post. I’m excited and aloof at the same time. This is the very first seed of what hopefully will become a breathing tree. In this post I want to bring to you two things: I want to present to you a general picture of who I am, where I'm coming from and where I want to go — and I'll give you a little sneak peek of what my typical main meal looks like.

This way, you can get a first impression of the power behind PLANTSEEDS.

So my name is Siobhan, I am 23 years old and I live in Belgium. As a child, I always had 'oversensitive senses', by which I mean that emotionally as well as physically I couldn't handle much. I would be easily overwhelmed by environmental input and physical stress, which articulated in regular headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, hyperventilation attacks and feelings of detachment and dullness.

When I was about fifteen years old, I started developing really bad eczema. My skin got covered in dry, red, itchy patches and I felt awkward in my own skin. As the condition of my skin only got worse over the years, I became exhausted and I developed a depression.

Luckily, I have always had a see-through mentality and it is with this mindset that I eventually saved myself.

Only three years ago, in 2012, I started gradually changing my diet and turned to a more holistic approach on health. In 2015, I became a member of Elwin Robinson’s Complete Detox Academy and ever since, my health and with it, my lust for life, have been on a positive journey forward.

After seven years of expensive and harmful conventional medical treatments, I finally found something that really seemed to work: a combination of (daily) detoxing together with assimilating more whole, raw plant foods into my diet.

In the following blog posts, I want to go deeper into detail about how I do this — that is, what detoxing means to me and how I prepare easy and delicious plant-based meals every day. 

And to give you an image of what that is… This is what I had for dinner today:

Your eyes see steamed cauliflower with tahini-mustard-oliveoil-lemonjuice-salt-nutmeg-pepper dressing accompanied by sautéed paksoi-sesameseeds in coconut oil with oliveoil-paprika-cumin-salt-pepper-chickpeas and a salad of carrot-beetroot-paksoi-pecans-pinenuts-pumpkinseeds-raisins-applecider-balsamic-salt-flaxoil. And because I was starving while I was assembling my meal, I even added a second plate with sliced avocado-tomato-freshbasil-salt-pepper-dried basil.

I didn’t feel hungry for six hours.

I thrive on plants!

With warmth,


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i am detoxing

i am detoxing