cookie talk

Busy days! Just signed a contract with One Green Planet, for which I will now start writing articles on plant-based nutrition. One Green Planet is one of my favourite go-to websites when I’m looking for vegan inspiration. It hosts a comprehensive collection of vegan recipes, articles on ethics, activism, conservation, cruelty-free products and eco lifestyle. It is fantastic.

I've already spent many hours browsing this digital collection of awesomeness and some of my favourite dishes are inspired by recipes I found on this website.

My favourite vegan cookie, for example, is based on this recipe for ice cream sandwiches. Just drop the ‘ice cream’ in ‘ice cream sandwich’ and you have a de-li-cious chocolate chip cookie.

Do not not try this at home.

One Green Planet's ice cream sandwiches turned into chocolate chip cookies.

Talking of chocolate… Another one of my favourites is this recipe from Earthsprout for gluten-free chocolate mud cake. Guess what the secret ingredient is… Black beans! Prepare to be amazed, this cake is heaven on earth.

It’s actually funny, when I talk about my favourite recipes, I’m talking desserts, ha! Especially when they involve chocolate. YUM. I love chocolate. And chocolate loves me. We have a solid, long-lasting relationship with strong roots in my lonely childhood.

Oh last thing, if you live in Holland or Belgium and you like raw chocolate as much as me, you MUST try Lovechock! They just launched a new product line with new flavours and one of them is raw chocolate with sweet nibs and sea salt and mama, it is purr-fect.

Enjoy goodness!

Into chocolate? Check out these mouth-watering chocolatey recipes for healthy raw vegan chocolate mousse and vegan chocolate cheesecake.