Do you struggle with your health?

Do you sometimes suffer from inexplicable headaches, insomnia, low energy, mood swings, anxiety, depression, bloating, digestive issues, acne, eczema, psoriasis?

Would you like to improve your diet, get better sleep, have less stress and more energy?

Are you looking for natural solutions to clear up your skin from the inside out?

Well, welcome then!

You're in the right place.

Read on to find out how I can help you & support you on your journey to better health.

Please note that I'm not a licensed practitioner or nutritionist. I'm not here to diagnose, nor is it my purpose to tell you which diet to follow. Rather, my mission is to educate & inspire you to become a healthier & happier version of yourself by adapting to a more wholefoods plant-based diet and making positive lifestyle shifts, and to guide and support you through the process.

Hi there,

My name is Siobhan and I'm a holistic health & transformation coach. I'm passionate about guiding people on their journey to better health and I believe that by making positive diet and lifestyle shifts, people can significantly recover & transform their health & wellbeing.

I specialize in helping people clear up their skin, get better sleep, have more energy and get better at dealing with stress. I realize this through one-on-one coaching, in which we dive deeper into the root cause of what's troubling you.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You seem to switch between ailments - one day it's a headache, the next day your skin breaks out, next week you feel bloated...
  • You regularly experience low grade inflammation, low immunity, low energy, low stress tolerance, feeling tired but wired
  • You have repeatedly experienced mood swings, anxiety, bloating, constipation, poor digestion, skin breakouts, and other 'minor' ailments
  • You wake up still tired because you have a hard time getting good quality sleep each night
  • You're constantly in pain
  • You're not able to do the things you love because you lack the energy
  • You feel like you're not part of 'the group' because you're constantly trying to get yourself together
  • You know what you need to do to eat healthier, but you just don't have the energy to stick with it

Do you sometimes get frustrated because you just want to be 'normal' and live a pain-free life?

Are you worried that your pain may never go away, and that you'll have to find a way to learn to live with it?

Are you concerned that your friends will turn away from you because your pain overshadows the joy in life?

Then, please, know that you are not alone.

For ten years, I too have struggled to resolve all of the symptoms I mentioned above.

I suffered from persistent headaches, migraine attacks, heavy nosebleeds, mood swings, anxiety, hyperventilation attacks, an inability to relax, depression, suicidal thoughts, digestive issues like bloating and constipation, sugar cravings and binges and most persistently... severe atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema.

Over the course of ten years, I followed the guidelines from a conventional doctor, but over time I found that this didn't work for me. So in 2015, I decided to get to the root cause of my chronic health problems. After extensive research, I started experimenting with different diets & supplements, and I did a series of detoxes like colon hydrotherapy, a small intestinal cleanse, a liver flush, and a couple of juice fasts.

What I most learnt through my experiences, is that real lasting change comes from taking action, not from acquiring more information.

Stop 'getting ready' to make the change, just do it already — and then prepare for your next step.

In this Information Age, we often tend to over-complicate and over-research things before we make a move. But often, things aren't as complicated as we believe them to be.

A lot of discomfort can be overcome by simply switching to a wholefood plant-based diet, along with making positive lifestyle shifts, like learning to shift your perspective, and learning to breathe & meditate.

The key to success is not knowing what to do. It's not buying another cookbook, it's not spending hours researching which running shoes are the best, it's not reading every self-help book on the market.

Real success is cooking your first plant-based meal, it's going for that run even though you don't have the best shoes, it's making your daily commute more pleasant by writing down what you're grateful for that day.

Long-lasting change and true transformation comes from being, and embodying, the change you wish to see.

As soon as you decide to plant the seed and take your first action step, you, my friend, are on your way to become the best version of yourself.

Or maybe you're in a different place — you may have already been making positive changes, but now you're confused by the inconsistent nutrition information, as scientists seem to come up with new, conflicting, theories every day? Is yoghurt good for you or not? What about butter, and coconut oil? Is lean meat better than red meat, or should we avoid meat altogether?

It turns out, there's no one size fits all when it comes to diet and nutrition. And what's even more, I learnt over time that great health doesn't only come from eating the best foods — what is at least as important is to find a form of exercising that you enjoy, to be able to express yourself creatively, to have a job that excites you, to get good at dealing with stress situations, to have fulfilling relationships, to be able to relax and take care of yourself... These things are all part of your foundation for a fulfilling life.

If you feel inspired to make new positive changes to your life, and you would like to have some support & guidance along the way, feel free to reach out to me or click the button below to book a session now:

Our first session will be 100% free and will take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the time that is needed to go through your health history.

During this first meeting, we'll talk about your goals, challenges and priorities in the fields of diet, lifestyle, exercise, relationships, career and spirituality, and we'll design the first outline of your personal results plan.

If after our initial session, we feel like we're a good match for each other, we will continue our connection. Then, in our second session, we will make your goals more concrete and divide them into smaller, attainable action steps so you can reach them over the course of the next 6 months.

In the 6-Month Program, we will see each other over a time span of 6 months, every two weeks, for 60 minutes per session.

During these 6 months, I will support you through your transformation to sustainable health. You will be challenged to look at yourself, your lifestyle and your eating habits in a new way.

The main purpose of the 6-Month Program is to inspire you to build a better life for yourself. The first three months of the program are all about setting up sustainable diet & positive lifestyle habits, with intensive guidance & motivation so that you are in a safe space to remove and implement new habits in your life.

The total timespan of the program is 6 months though, because this is a timeframe within which humans typically encounter different stuations like highs and lows, stress situations, social challenges, change of seasons, etc.

In between our scheduled sessions, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and get intermediate follow-up.

Now how much do I charge for this? There are two options:

Option 1 // The price for one session is €40 per hour, which is €80 per month, making the total cost of the 6-Month Program €480.

However, if you decide to pay in full, the sum will be reduced to €450.

Option 2 // If you decide to sign up today, the price per session will be reduced to €35 per hour, that is €70 per month, making the total cost of the 6-Month Program €420. 

What is more, if you decide to pay the full sum at once, the total cost will be even further reduced to €400.

So if money is an issue for you, you won't get coaching like this for a lower price anywhere else.

However, this program isn't for anyone:

- if you don't feel ready to make positive changes in your life,

- health is not a priority for you,

- or you are looking for a medical diagnosis by a specialist (note that I am not a medical doctor, nor a registered dietitian!)

Then this program may just not be for you...

... and that's okay!

However, if you are interested to learn more about natural health and healing, and receive free easy vegan recipes and positive lifestyle tips straight in your inbox every week, you can sign up for my free weekly newsletter here:

No spam, no ads — just recipes, articles and tips that I think will inspire you to live a deliciously inspired life.

My mission is to make health accessible to everyone, and to inspire change in those who are looking for a solution to their health problems. Because health isn't a privilege — it's our birthright.

And remember: healing and transformation will happen as soon as you become aware, and decide to take your first step. 

That's why I'm so passionate about encouraging you to plant new seeds into your life, starting today.

Health is your foundation on which all else will prosper & thrive.

Are you ready to plant new seeds into your life?



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